Midwest drought causing cities to implement water restrictions

Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 10:31 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - This summer has been marked with a drought that is heavily impacting the Midwest. Cities in North Dakota and Minnesota are starting to implement water restrictions to offset the low water levels.

“Both from a gut level and from a statistical level, both this is as dry as its been.” said John Chattin, the Barnesville interim city administrator.

On Wednesday, Barnesville, MN announced that they would be entering level three water restrictions as the area deals with the drought. Many towns across the two states are now facing uncertainty with no relief in sight.

“We have a lot of very dry grass, shrubs and trees that are getting drier,” said Chattin. “I mean outside areas that are not being irrigated our lawns that are not being sprinkled are turning brown. It’s been a long haul without adequate rain.”

Moorhead, MN and Dilworth, MN are also under water limitations after the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources indicated that the area is on the brink of a severe drought. However, not all communities are under restrictions. Fargo, ND and West Fargo, ND have not reached such levels but the Fargo City Water Treatment Plant is monitoring the situation.

“Those flows have to drop substantially for us to really get into severe restrictions,” said Troy Hall, the water utility director in Fargo. “We’ll look at it, we’re watching it everyday, day-by-day we watch the flows of demand, but right now we’re ok. We’re quite a ways from that yet.”

Whether or not these towns are under water restrictions, these communities are awaiting the return of rain to provide some much needed relief.

“As far as the drought in general, I mean we just have to wait for rain. And we sure could use some.” said Chattin.

Grand Forks, ND has also implemented limitations and Minneapolis, MN did so as well.

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