‘Karmas a b****.’: Hospitalized with COVID-19, man says he wishes he would have been vaccinated

Daniel Pozarnsky FB post
Daniel Pozarnsky FB post(Daniel Pozarnsky)
Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 6:12 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A Moorhead woman is pleading with the community to get a COVID-19 vaccine as her unvaccinated boyfriend remains hospitalized and in tough shape tonight fighting the virus and double pneumonia.

Fargo chiropractor Daniel Pozarnsky hasn’t been home for the last five days, and text messages have been his only way to talk to his girlfriend, Christina Steinert.

“He’ll message me a few words and just say, ‘I’m not breathing ok. I’m having severe chest pain.’ He thinks he’s getting weaker and weaker,” Steinert said in a FaceTime interview Monday afternoon.

Pozarnsky was hospitalized last Thursday after Steinert says he battled a cough, fever of over 100° and low oxygen levels for almost a week.

“I was pushing him all weekend like, ‘Maybe it’s covid, maybe it’s covid!’ and he continued to think it wasn’t,” she said.

Steinert says she tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after Pozarnsky, but says thanks to her two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, her bout with the virus has been mild.

“When people tell me they’re not vaccinated, I’m like, ‘You’re going to regret it,’” Steinert said.

Steinert says despite her persuasion, she says Pozarnsky didn’t want to get the vaccine because it’s yet to be officially approved by the FDA—A decision Pozarnsky himself says he regrets.

Pozarnsky posted a photo on Facebook on his first day in the hospital with the caption: ‘Karma’s a b****. I should have gotten the vaccine.’

“It hurts him more now knowing that this vaccine could have helped him versus how mild my symptoms are right now and how his symptoms are right now. He really wishes he could have been vaccinated,” Steinert said.

Steinert says while intubation isn’t needed yet, Pozarnsky does use a machine to help him breathe. She says it’s unknown how long his road to recovery could be, but hopes sharing their story will help those on the fence decide to get vaccinated before it’s too late.

“Don’t just do it for yourself, but do it for your friends and your family and the people around you,” Steinert said.

Steinert will be updating Pozarnsky’s GoFundMe on his condition in the coming days and weeks. You can find it here.

Sanford Health says they currently have nine patients in its COVID-19 unit in downtown Fargo. As of last week, Altru Health stated they only had two patients hospitalized due to the virus.

According to the North Dakota Department of Health’s COVID-19 dashboard, North Dakota only saw 25 new cases of the virus today, compared to 58 new cases on Aug. 2, 2020.

North Dakota’s active covid cases have nearly tripled within the last month, going from just over 150 cases on July second to today’s 448. However, things were much worse at this time last year, as North Dakotans were battling nearly 1,100 active cases.

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