Cass County Sheriff answers questions relating to arrest of deputy

Jacob Danielson
Jacob Danielson(Cass County Sheriff's Department)
Published: Aug. 6, 2021 at 3:29 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A number of questions into the Cass County Sheriff’s Office relating to the arrest of a deputy has led to Sheriff Jesse Jahner answering two questions from the public.

In a Facebook post on Friday afternoon, Sheriff Jahner said they had received a lot of questions, two of the most common being why Deputy Jacob Danielson did not have a booking photo, and why he was placed on paid administrative leave.

Jahner says in the post there were a few reasons why Deputy Danielson did not have a booking photo. He continues by saying, at the time of the arrest, there were six people in the jail booking area who were being observed for suicidal tendencies, as well as 15 inmates in the booking area who needed to be moved to general housing.

The post continued by saying the jail had a high population because of COVID-19 procedures and space is limited from time to time. He said, “Because of our limited space, sometimes individuals arrested for DUI’s are released on their own recognizance rather than booked into the jail, as long as they have a safe place to go, and someone that can watch them.”

Jahner continued by saying this is not unique to Deputy Danielson, others have been treated the same in similar situations, and have not had their booking photos taken.

Sheriff Jahner answered the second question relating to administrative leave.

Jahner said Deputy Danielson was arrested by Fargo Police, and because he was arrested by another jurisdiction, it takes longer to gather all the information in reference to the incident.

The post reads, “In order to move forward with both the criminal and administrative investigation, the employee is put on paid administrative leave so that we can maintain contact with the employee in order to continue with the criminal and administrative investigation.”

The post continues saying there are two investigations that can happen, a criminal investigation, and an administrative investigation. Sheriff Jahner says their office always lets the criminal investigation play out first, so that they do not, through the administrative process and investigation, jeopardize anything criminally.

He says, “Once the criminal investigation is complete, we begin our administrative investigation to determine policy or procedure violations and employment outcomes.”

You can find the full Facebook post here.

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