Post-COVID syndrome turns mother’s life upside down

”It happened to me. I’m your average healthy 30-year-old female from Valley City, North Dakota with a husband and 2 kids and a career. It wasn’t supposed to happen to me, and it did.”
Published: Aug. 31, 2021 at 5:44 PM CDT
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VALLEY CITY, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Post-COVID syndrome is what doctors are calling the long lasting effects some people develop even after a mild case of COVID-19.

Before contracting COVID-19 Tonia Angeles said she didn’t want to miss out on life because of the pandemic.

“My mind set was that life is too short to live in fear.” said Angeles.

In July, the Angeles took their first vacation as a family of 4 to the black hills. Two days after coming home Angeles said her temp hit 103° and she decided to get tested.

Angeles said she was shocked when her results came back positive.

“Okay, I’m going to have a mild infection… like most people my age… and I’ll recover, maybe lose my sense of taste and smell for a while, but that wasn’t the case.” said Angeles, “Painful blisters on my hands, on my feet, and actually my elbows too now that I think about it. Similar to hand, foot and mouth.”

After her 10 day isolation period she said she was excited to get back to life and her job.

“Although I was tired I could keep up so I was happy,” said Angeles, “So I figured I was on the road to recovery.”

But on July 27th, Angeles said her health took an unpredictable turn for the worse.

“I suddenly became extremely weak... all of my muscles in my body. I couldn’t lift my arms or my legs. My hands were not working. I couldn’t walk without aid. My speech was very slow and very slurred. My eyes were rolling in the back of my head.” Angeles described.

Since then, the mother of 2 said she hasn’t had consistent relief from her severe neurological symptoms. She said she has been out of work for 2 more weeks, and now she is barely able to work 4 hours a day.

“Everything just went downhill. She lost her cognitive ability,” said Angeles’ husband, “She had trouble thinking, speaking, her motor skills.”

Angeles said her doctor performed many tests to rule out any underlying autoimmune diseases that could be causing her symptoms, but they were all inconclusive.

“He is much more confident in his gut feeling of post-COVID syndrome.” Angeles said of her doctor.

Angeles said she is now taking recovery one day at a time.

“My goal is to one day to say ‘I’ve recovered from post-COVID syndrome.’ how long that takes no one can tell me.” Angeles said.

Angeles tells us she did not get a COVID-19 vaccine. She says she may also have to look into applying for disability, though she doesn’t want to.

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