Kindred kicker hopes to inspire more female athletes

Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 11:04 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Fans at Kindred football games may make a lot of noise when their team finds the endzone, but the biggest reaction usually comes on the next play. That’s when kicker Jordan Sunram takes the field to kick the extra point. Sunram is playing high school football for the first time this season, taking over the kicker spot that was held by her brother last year.

Sunram’s journey to the Kindred Football team started by joining her brother on the practice field.

“When he went out to practice I would start almost practicing with him because I’ve played soccer since I was three so it wasn’t very new for me to kick” she said, “So after trying it my dad took a video of me, the football coaches saw it, and asked me to come to practice one day. I love it especially if I do miss it they’re very supportive and make me want to make the next one. I have so much support and I’m so thankful for everyone.”

Sunram, who is also currently playing on the Kindred Volleyball team, hasn’t only focused on kicking. At the start of the season, she also did tackling drills in case she needs to deliver a hit.

“It’s been very busy obviously, playing two sports, but it’s really fun to play with the boys because I’m friends with a lot of them.” said Sunram, “Especially having my brother on the team it’s very fun to be in a different atmosphere and a different sport with them.”

Her Head Coach Matt Crane says that Sunram has fit in well, saying that “As a football coach I’m going to take as many points as I can get. If Jordyn is the person that’s going to come out here and get us points we’ll take her. She’s done a great job and we’ll continue to use anyone we can.

Sunram is the first female player for the Vikings. She hopes that her performance on the field will inspire more girls to pursue whichever sport they want to compete in.

“A lot of girls say they want to play football but they don’t because they’re like ‘Oh it’s a boy’s sport.’” Sunram said, “So showing girls that I can do this and they can do it too just means a lot. I’m glad I’m able to be a part of that experience with everyone and show girls that it can be a thing for a girl to be on the football team.”

Jordyn told us that one of her inspirations was Vanderbilt Kicker Sarah Fuller, who became the first woman to play in an NCAA football game last season, especially because, like Sunram, Fuller was a soccer player first.

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