UPDATE: Four WFPS middle school students charged in connection to TikTok trend

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 5:40 PM CDT
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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - UPDATE: A West Fargo school official said four middle school students in the West Fargo school system have been charged in connection to the ‘devious licks’ TikTok challenge.

Across the Fargo-Moorhead metro 31 students have been charged or are facing charges in connection to the ‘devious licks’ TikTok challenge.

Fargo Public school officials said 19 secondary students have been referred for charges in connection to the thefts and vandalism associated with the internet trend. Other students are facing service hours due to the incidents. School officials said they have seen a slow down of thefts.

Moorhead district officials said they have charged two students in connection to the thefts and vandalism associated with the internet trend. Officials said several students have had to pay for the damages they caused.

West Fargo School District officials said six high school students have been charged with theft or vandalism from incidents related to the ‘devious licks’ TikTok challenge. Officials said thefts are still happening within their schools.


A new challenge on TikTok is prompting students to steal things from their school. The challenge is called ‘devious licks’ and area school officials are blaming the challenge for recent thefts on campus.

Wet floor signs, ceiling tiles, soap dispensers and even microscopes have been stolen from schools across the country as a result of the ‘devious licks’ TikTok challenge.

“It’s something that swept in and came on full force.” said West Fargo Resource Officer Jason Balvik.

The challenge caught so much attention the app announced it will be removing all content related to the trend.

“We expect our community to create responsibly - online and IRL” the app posted to twitter.

Moorhead, Fargo and West Fargo school district representatives said they’ve been hit by the devious lick challenge, and Sheyenne High reported more than 20 soap dispensers missing.

“We caught a student from a different school taking one of the soap dispensers, and stuff like that.” said Balvik.

He added he had never seen an internet challenge so criminal in intent and damaging to property.

“The hard thing is we are trying to get out to the parents and students that it is actually a theft which is a criminal charge.” said Balvik.

West Fargo sent an email to parents stating students have a high likelihood of being charged with vandalism or theft if caught.

“It’s not just ‘oh we are going to take it. It’s funny, it’s a joke, it’s on tiktok.’ their actions have consequences and they will be held accountable for their actions.” said Balvik.

Both Fargo and Moorhead school officials say they don’t have a total count of what has been stolen, but have addressed the problem with students and families.

The West Fargo school district asks anyone with information on the recent thefts to text a tip to 701-219-4722 or stop by the school office, and all information will remain anonymous.

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