After her child tests positive for COVID-19, a West Fargo mom has plea for district

“My child has COVID she has no symptoms,”
Published: Sep. 23, 2021 at 5:17 PM CDT
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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - West Fargo’s school system is going to continue with its approach at protecting kids from COVID-19, but a mom is pleading with the district to do more.

”Who will speak for the children? Unless somebody cares a whole lot nothing will change no it will not.” said the mother, “It starts with one person, one parent putting the mask on and showing that example.”

The mother of two said one of her children recently tested positive for COVID-19, however she and other family members continue to test negative.

“My child has COVID she has no symptoms,” said the mom, “She must have gotten this from school, from another asymptomatic child or teacher or staff member.”

Her biggest concern: West Fargo school’s lack of mask policy and suggestion to monitor symptoms that the mother said could lead to asymptomatic spread in the schools.

“She has not had one fever. Temperature less than 98 and she is COVID positive,” the mom said, “They are saying to monitor for symptoms... No fever...No symptoms... COVID positive.”

Another concern she has: how long it takes, if at all for exposure notifications from the school to get to parents.

“We got an email Sunday night that he was exposed on the previous Tuesday,” she explained, “He was at school Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.”

In her daughter’s case she said no parents in her class have been notified.

According to West Fargo’s protocols, exposure notifications go to parents once the school receives the positive case from the state health department. But, it’s up to the building principal to compare the positive case’s period of infection with their attendance at school.

For this mom, that’s not enough.

“Even these little things they are saying they are going to do, it’s not enough. They are not listening to the cdc, they are not listening to the medical professionals,” she pleaded, “Please mask. Please tell the parents. Please protect the children.”

On Sept. 20 West Fargo School district reported 83 positive cases out of more than 12,000 students. A district spokesperson said when it comes to reporting cases numbers, all of their data comes directly from the state.

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