Two activist groups with differing views rally on Fargo-Moorhead bridge

Published: Oct. 23, 2021 at 6:43 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - At the Veteran Memorial Bridge connecting Fargo and Moorhead, two activist groups with opposing views expressed their beliefs and philosophies Saturday afternoon.

One side expressing their thoughts that it should be a personal choice when it comes to certain matters like vaccines, under the banner of a freedom rally.

“We’re here to encourage other patriots to get involved in protecting freedoms in our country,” said Eric Hanson. “So the main thing is to inspire others to get involved and protect freedom.”

On the other side of the bridge, a counter-rally was held with their message being, ‘Say No to Facism’.

“Patriotism is about what you stand for as a collective,” said Vanessa Clark. “And what they are standing for right now is blind nationalism. Whether they think they are or not, but we are standing for is fighting against facism. What we are standing for is support and equality for all people.”

The freedom of choice has been a hot bed of discussion in the nation in recent months. From masking in schools to vaccine mandates being implemented.

“And we just want to restore freedom. Personal freedom,” said Hanson. “And so that’s what I would talk about to them, freedom, and maybe how I believe they’re being misled into socialism and into communism.”

While the other side is saying that the vaccine and mask mandates isn’t about personal choice. That it’s about public safety.

“They think facism is about having to wear a mask and being told to get a vaccine,” said Clark. “Those are things are about public safety. That is not facism.”

Both sides expressed that they are looking for and wanting freedom.

“Both sides kind of want the same thing. We want freedom, we want liberation. But what they’re doing is calling it freedom, but what they’re doing is supporting nationalism.” said Clark.

“The thing to do when you disagree with somebody is not to silence them, it’s to refute what they are saying.” said Merle Hexum.

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