Jewish families celebrating Hanukkah in Fargo

“The official estimate is less than 1000 Jews in the entire state,” says the Rabbi.
Published: Dec. 5, 2021 at 11:20 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Rabbi Yonah and his wife Esti Grossman moved to Fargo in 2011 to open the Chabad Jewish Center here in Fargo.

“The official estimate is less than 1000 Jews in the entire state,” says the Rabbi.

Chabad has been sending representatives to North Dakota for decades.

“Grand Forks has an established Jewish community and numerous other cities used to have established Jewish communities,” says Grossman.

This week, the family of 7 has been celebrating Hanukkah, the festival of lights.

A menorah is placed in a doorway or window.

Each night, a candle is lit on the menorah to commemorate the miracles that made Hanukkah.

“Our mission is to raise Jewish pride, study and celebration. It’s really an honor and a joy,” says the Rabbi.

During Hanukkah, Jewish families will eat foods fried in oil as a reminder of the oil in the Hanukkah story.

The kids definitely have a favorite part of the celebration-- All of them said spinning dreidels was the best part of Hanukkah.

Their mom says the kids are homeschooled because there’s not a Jewish school in the area, but it makes them proud to be who they are.

“It brings out individualism and it gives our children a meaning and identity of who they are,” says Grossman.

She told us when the family goes to bigger Jewish communities, She can see what her kids are missing. But she also sees the unique experiences the kids do have by being in a smaller Jewish community

Although, the family says people inside and outside the Jewish community are intrigued.

“Absolutely. That’s what we’re here for though-- to answer questions. The worst thing I’ve ever had is kids calling me Abraham Lincoln. I can’t imagine why,” says the Rabbi.

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