UPDATE: 3 arrested after series of car break-ins, car stolen

Published: Dec. 13, 2018 at 6:04 AM CST
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UPDATE: Brittany Lizakowski told Valley News Live that her car was found at an apartment in Moorhead.

She says both her ice skates and her son's car seat weren't in the car anymore when she got the vehicle back.

Lizakowski also says police haven't made any arrests. She adds that police told her the people who took her car are affiliated with the three people arrested early Thursday, but it's unclear who they are.

ORIGINAL: Two people are in jail after a series of car break-ins early Thursday morning. Fargo Police tell Valley News Live that at least eight vehicles were hit in the area of 3300 16th Avenue South.

20-year-old Chancelor Lewis of Fergus Falls and 18-year-old Hannah Dahl of Dilworth were arrested after someone gave police a description of people breaking into cars around 2 a.m. in the area of 3300 16th Avenue South.

Police say they stopped the suspect vehicle and found stolen goods inside the car. A 16-year-old boy was also picked up, but released to his parents.

The three were arrested for unlawful entry into vehicles.

"I'm gonna be late to work. I didn't really have anything to steal so it's not that big of a deal, but I'll have to get the window fixed so, it's not that great," Lethe Hoxtell said.

We also talked with a victim this morning who didn't just have her car broken into, but stolen altogether.

"It's really sad because you go to work and you try really hard to provide for your family and own a car and have a place to live and then for someone just to take that away, it's not ok," Brittany Lizakowski said.

Lizakowski thought her morning was starting out with a prank from her boyfriend when he asked her for the garage door opener so he could start her car.

"When I said, 'No it's parked outside,' I thought he was playing a game. Like he put my car inside last night. And then I came downstairs and it was gone," she explained.

But after talking with a neighbor who came out to find her car window shattered, Brittany knew it was more than just a joke.

"So, they were obviously digging pretty hard and then that's when I'm guessing they must've found a key or something and took off," Lizakowski said.

At least eight other cars from her apartment complex were ransacked in the night, but Brittany's 2013 Hyundai Sonata is the only one that was stolen.

"Another girl told me her keys were in it and they didn't take hers, so I don't know why. My boyfriend's car wasn't touched, so I guess they just went around picking and choosing what cars they wanted to go into and what to do with them," Lizakowski said.

She says she only had some ice skates and her son's car seat inside, but is now anxiously playing the waiting game.

"Hopefully they'll just leave it in a parking lot somewhere and I can just get it back that way. Otherwise, figure out what to do, ways to get to work, bring my son to daycare. It's just not fair," Lizakowski said.

Multiple stolen items were found in their vehicle connected to victims in Fargo and Moorhead. Photographs were taken of these items. Please report any unlawful entry and theft from motor vehicles to dispatch at 701-451-7660.