Celebrating the F-M successes and working on the issues

Published: Jan. 22, 2017 at 9:58 PM CST
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As the first month of the new year begins to wrap up, the F-M area is looking at what obstacles the residents face and how we can make our city better.

The Valley News team went around town on Sunday to find out what you think needs some work.

Moorhead, Minn. is a city that's been recognized as the "Best Small City in America" from it's 500 new housing units in the last year, building new schools, cleaning up 8th Street and Main Avenue and other conditionings but for some residents that may not be enough to deem the last year a success.

"I wish they could bring more businesses into town so they could kind of share the expense of running the city so it doesn't all fall on just the few of us," says Walter Dahl, a local business owner.

Fargo is working to build a new city hall and comprehensive flood protection which can be a hot topic or even keeping our residents in the work force.

One man says we must not forget about the issue of drugs and living a life in recovery which impacts people of all ages and never fully goes away.

"I've realized my brain doesn't work as well as it used to and it has effected me. I've always wanted to get off drugs. I've tried to fight it but I can't do it alone," explains Anthony Lawrence Morin.

And West Fargo continues working to redevelop it's downtown and accommodate nearly 500 new students in its school each year.

While many West Fargo residents are thrilled their community is thriving at a rapid pace, there's also concerns that it's growing too fast for the city to keep up with.