Keeping up with the weather

Published: Dec. 28, 2019 at 9:39 PM CST
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In the season of joy, holiday greetings and gift giving, there's a storm brewing in the Valley that will be impacting your travel.

"Just saw one here in Fargo, upside down in the ditch," Ken Traynor says. "We have family that are ahead of us. They say it's slower west of Fargo. They were down to 35 miles per hour."

Traynor and his family are heading back to Bismarck after spending the holiday in St. Cloud.

By the time they get home, the Valley could get up to seven inches of snow.

Staying on top of the latest travel conditions is a must. You can do that with the Valley News Live weather app.

"The best resource on the app, especially for those that aren't tech savvy, is the videos," Storm Team Meteorologist Nathan Hopper says. "The meteorologists here can actually record a video and upload it right to the app. It sends a push to the phone as well."

There are a lot of other options. At the bottom of the app, you can look at daily, even hourly weather updates.

What's unique about the app is that Storm Team meteorologists, like Hopper, are constantly updating it.

So if you're heading for snow, you'll know where, how much and when.

And if you've got a long trip like the Traynors, there's a "follow me" option you can turn on in your settings.

That way, wherever you and your loved ones are, you can stay up to date with our radar.

You can find it in the app store, just search Valley News Live and download the app for free.