Local music artist looking for $5,000 worth of missing equipment

Published: Sep. 8, 2019 at 11:50 PM CDT
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A local artist took to social media after finding out thousands of dollars worth of music equipment was stolen from him.

Donny Dahl is a former karaoke host that's been playing at J.C. Chumley's in Moorhead for two years, but he says this summer he took some time away.

"I was on the road on the weekends playing shows," said Dahl.

The bar told Daul they put his equipment in a backroom a few months back. When he went to Chumley's Friday to grab his items, he didn't get the answer he was expecting.

"I went to go pick it up, and everything was gone," said Dahl. "They showed me the backroom was empty. I went in there and looked in there and it was completely empty."

It was everything he used to put on a show.

"Computer with a karaoke collection, a DJ mixer and a subwoofer," said Dahl.

Dahl says when you add up all the equipment, it comes to about $5,000.

"I feel kind of defeated that all my stuff is gone," said Dahl.

It's been Daul's go-to bar for 17 years.

"You know I thought we were a family there and I just wish they would've helped me more to look for it," said Dahl.

We tried reaching out to Chumley's Sunday for their side of the story, but they never got back with us.

For now, Dahl says he's not blaming the bar, he wants to find out where everything went.

We called the Moorhead police who say they are aware of the incident and it is being investigated.