Parents speak out after child comes home from Fargo daycare with bite marks

Published: Oct. 26, 2016 at 10:25 PM CDT
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When you take your children to daycare, parents expect to pick them up looking just like they did when you dropped them off.

But one child's parents say they were alarmed when their son had bite marks all over his body.

The Valley News team went looking for an explanation.

Roman is an energetic and friendly two-year-old boy.

Earlier this month, his parents Donny and Kylee Dahl started taking him to Tot Spot South daycare.

Three weeks in, he came home with bite marks on his arms and face.

"I understand that things happen and you can't possibly hover over a child 24/7," says Roman's mother.

Tot Spot South has a policy of seven students for one teacher.

Prior to Roman's mom picking him up, there were two teachers for four students which was when the biting happened.

The daycare apologized and offered him ice but Kylee says it all comes down to supervision.

"For the amount of biting and scratching that was done that doesn't just happen when you're looking away for a couple of seconds," she adds.

The Dahls chose this particular daycare because of the curriculum and the app they have which is supposed to send you updates whenever your child is changed or fed, but issues came up and they were never notified.

"I went to pick him up and he had completely wet through his pants. He was soaken wet playing outside shivering and freezing cold," says Donny.

The daycare says app updates may depend on the day but parents always have the option to speak with the teacher at pickup or to call in.

The Tot Spot South Director says they will do everything they can to keep a child in their daycare and there's always the option of switching locations, but they don't want families feeling uncomfortable or uneasy leaving their child here and would much rather see them be happy somewhere else.

"It's just hard because now we have to start from square one again to find a full-time daycare and it's few and far between here in town," adds Roman's father.

We spoke with Cass County Social Services who say every daycare has a biter, but if it persists, then it's time for an intervention and that Tot Spot South daycare did not violate any childcare rule or law in this incident.