Sabin family says they're tired of beet trucks racing past home

Published: Oct. 23, 2018 at 4:34 PM CDT
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A Sabin family has had it. They say their dog was run over and killed by a beet truck last year and now, they're afraid something worse could happen. They tell us, the trucks need to slow down.

And they want speed signs posted on the road.

This is what the Dahl family has to deal with every day. But during harvest season, it’s beet trucks they're worried about. They say, they're going too fast. So they put up their own sign.

"I was pretty shook-up not knowing if I was going to get hit by a beet truck," says Sabin Resident, Cassie Kouba.

Cassie Kouba's family has lived on this property for over two decades. And they tell us, they're worried about their safety and even pulling out of their driveway scares them. Even more, there's a hill just a short distance from their driveway that they say could block a beet truck driver's vision.

They say, they can't go for walks because they're scared they will get run over. In fact, they tell us that's exactly what happened to their dog on this very day last year.

"She was hit and killed. In addition to the fact that she was killed, she was run over by two other trucks behind him because of course they didn't see her," says Sabin Resident, Pam Dahl.

They tell us, they understand the dog shouldn't have been out in the road.

So they wanted to do something about it. They went to their local officials like the county commissioners, but didn't have much luck.

"We believe that the people who are elected to represent us, that's the form we should go to. And we did that and we got nothing," says Dahl.

And they even brought their concerns to State Representative Paul Marquart. Marquart tells us he tried to plea the families case to Clay County but didn't get too far.

So we went to talk with the Clay County Engineer. He tells us, hes been out there to survey the land but found the posted speed limit is appropriate for the road.

"As far as the trucks coming through there, I did talk to the township a little bit and really wasn't aware of any main concerns. It is a cut-across road between a couple paved roads but for the most part, not really concerned about anyone speeding," says Clay County Engineer, David Overbo.

But Cassie and her mom say, all they want is some speed limit signs to be posted on the road. And they admit, it's not only the beet trucks they see speeding by but other vehicles too.

"We gamble every single day watching these trucks fly down the road," says Kouba.

That's why they made their own sign. And they plan on leaving it here until something is done.

Lt. Mark Empting with the Clay County Sheriff's Department tells us, the road this family lives on is heavily traveled but he claims they patrol it regularly. He tells us, the speed limit on the road is 55 mph, as long as road conditions are good. We also called the media relations person with American Crystal Sugar but have yet to hear back.