Woman almost hit by crash at crosswalk says she's thankful

Published: Jun. 9, 2017 at 5:46 PM CDT
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A woman is counting her blessings after nearly getting hit while standing at a crosswalk. Two vehicles crashed on University Drive and 19th Avenue while one was trying taking a left turn.

The woman who had to jump out of the way didn’t want to be identified, but says it’s a good thing she was paying attention. "It could have been a lot worse, I am very, very thankful. I've got some guardian angel looking out for me."

She was trying to take a relaxing walk to RibFest, after pressing the button for the crosswalk she looked up at the intersection after hearding screeching of tires. "That's when I look up and see that the one car is heading right for the other one and they collide and at that moment they were far enough from me still that I could turn around and run away."

She says if she didn't move right when she did, it would have been much worse. "Instead of just backing up, I turned around and was ready to run as far as I needed to go." Thankfully she didn’t even get a scratch on her glasses. "I was hit with some of the gravel that flew, but everything was fine. Someone ran over to make sure I was fine, which was very kind of them."

She waited until she found out both drivers were okay, then finished her walk to RibFest to enjoy a meal. But, there is one thing she says could be what saved her life. Just moments before the crash, she took out her headphones. "I think my saving grace is that I could listen to what was going on."

From now on when she comes to any intersection, she's going to take out one headphone at least. "As a pedestrian you always want to be aware of what's going on, yes people are supposed to yield to you, but just because you are on the sidewalk doesn't mean you are safe."

(The video was sent to us by Austin Lang-Dahl, he caught it on his dash camera while he was driving home from the grocery store.)